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At Radon Free Colorado, LLC, we are a premier radon mitigation services company located in Castle Rock, CO, proudly serving the Front Range and surrounding areas. Our expert technicians specialize in installing home systems to remove and redirect radon. This naturally occurring gas can be hazardous to your health. We provide high-quality solutions to ensure that you and your family are protected.

Our residential radon mitigation services are top-notch and use the three most common ways to draw the radon out of a home:

  • Sub Slab Depressurization Systems: If you have a basement or a concrete foundation, we core a hole through the concrete and create a vacuum pressure beneath the slab to remove the radon gas.
  • Crawl Space Depressurization Systems: The sub-membrane depressurization (crawl space depressurization) is where we go in and seal off the crawlspace and trap the gases under the vapor barrier. Then that sealed space traps the radon allowing our radon mitigation system to pull the soil gas in, discharging it safely above the roofline.
  • Sump Pit Depressurization Systems: This option involves drilling a hole through the lid of the sump pit and putting the pipe a foot or two down there to draw the radon gas out.

We also offer active soil depressurization systems to ensure your home is radon-free. Our team considers city codes, aesthetics, and electrical capability when choosing the best option for your home. We offer installation placement options, including external installation and in-house installation. Our technicians have seen all the “wrong ways” and know all the “right ways” to install a system. We never mount systems in front and always route the system outside.

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At Radon Free Colorado, LLC, we pride ourselves on our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction. If you want to keep your system out of the elements, such as extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow, and enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing installation, we offer in-house installation options. Having an enclosed system inside the home can also sustain the system’s life and make it last several years longer. Contact us today to schedule your radon mitigation system installation in Castle Rock, CO, and ensure your home is free of this harmful gas. Protect your family and yourself with our reliable radon mitigation services.